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XSC700 Stair Climber

Qingdao Impulse Health Technology Co.

ChinaShandong ProvinceQingdao CityJimo District

Company profile

  1. Ergonomic design of 201mm step-up height.
  2. Equipped with infrared sensor switch to provide double protection.
  3. Automatic brake function when power is off to ensure safety.
  4. The foot pedals on both sides, which is easy to use.
  5. The extended armrest with TPU coating can enhance the user's comfort.
  6. The PP material pedals to reduce the noise during use.
  7. Equipped with moving wheel, convenient for moving.
  8. Wireless charging allows user to charge the phone while using entertainment.
  9. The ergonomic design of quick adjustment knob increases the convenience and comfort of adjustment while training.
  10. The two-stage transmission realizes a wide range of step adjustment.
  11. Adopt chain and wedge-shaped belt combined transmission to reduce noise and keep transmission power not attenuated.
  12. The chain gear adopts the expansion sleeve, which is convenient for installation, adjustment and maintenance.
  13. The magnetron resistance part is placed on the side for easy maintenance.



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Company profile

Impulse is a pioneer in the domestic fitness industry, focusing on providing professional fitness equipment products and services for many years. in September 2017, Impulse successfully landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, achieving a breakthrough in the capital market, stock code 002899. in October 2019, the foundation stone of Impulse Sports Industrial Park was laid, and the company took an important step towards intelligent manufacturing.

Basic Information

  • Country: China
  • Company address: ChinaShandong ProvinceQingdao CityJimo District
  • Website: